P1010906I’m interested in how plants interact with the soils they grow in to shape our planet. Following a two-year Research Fellowship, modelling greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture at Trinity College Dublin, I’ve recently started a new job as Development Coordinator at the scientific journal, New Phytologist. I have a PhD in measuring peatland plant and microbial diversity and ecosystem functions at the landscape scale, using geostatistics and remote sensing to improve estimates of ecosystem carbon stocks.

In spare moments, I enjoy writing about the science of ecosystems and (usually) related matters on my blog. I also contribute to the GSBI and EcoEvo blogs, and am Deputy Secretary and a founding member of the British Ecological Society’s Plants-Soils-Ecosystems special interest group.

Twitter: @mgwhitfield
GitHub: github.com/whitfieldmg

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  1. As another Whitfield interested in open source and ecology (though opposite in focus, I think), I just thought I would say hello.

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