Undergraduate dissertation

A blast from the past, you can download my undergraduate dissertation here. I wrote it during the final year of my Geography degree at the University of Southampton, under the supervision of Pete Gething and Mary Edwards, having spent a few days collecting data in the Swiss alps during the summer of 2007. I had a go at using the topography of a suitably uniform hill, halfway up a mountain, to generate distribution models that could be used to predict the probability of finding six different alpine plant species there, with varying levels of success.

Not a bad location for a fieldsite.

Not a bad location for a fieldsite.

It’s not terribly sophisticated, but during the writing and analysis I developed my interest in the field of (plant) species distribution modelling (SDM), and made my first forays into everyone’s favourite statistical computing environment. I even included the code!

Mike Whitfield’s undergraduate dissertation [pdf; about 5MB]

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