Capturing the wilder side of Britain

At a recent IUCN Peatland Programme meeting I met Mark Hamblin, web designer and image manager for 2020Vision.

2020Vision is a multimedia initiative, designed to promote the links between healthy people and healthy ecosystems. With a team of 20 photographers, they aim to communicate the value of healthy ecosystems to the public and key decision-makers. To do this they’ve created 20 ‘assignments‘, which focus on key ecosystems, one of which (of interest to me) is peatlands.

I can thoroughly recommend the 2020v blog, which regularly features stunning images, like the one below:

Wellcome Image Awards 2009

While my primary interests lie in and around biogeography, I also have a soft spot for interesting images derived from photography, or alternative imaging techniques. This year’s Wellcome Image Awards showcase an excellent variety of images from science and medicine, some of which have been taken using traditional methods, while others have been generated using techniques such as scanning electron micrography. Visit the gallery here.

Capillary network