How big is it?

This is a frequent question of mine, in relation to the spatial aspect of my research. It also comes up at higher frequencies around coffee time.

The BBC have put together this interesting site, which works by simply overlaying a spatial phenomenon over a location of your choice. So for example, you could investigate the practical implications of a full-size mock-up of Stonehenge in Trafalgar Square…

A night-time ride around London

At 6:30am on 20th June, I pedalled into a car park at Crystal Palace, a huge grin on my face. I’d just completed a night-time ride around the capital, passing by all the landmarks, and I was smiling in the knowledge that the last grind of a hill was over and that a bacon roll was imminent. Since setting off a 11:50pm, I’d cycled 68.5 miles at a stately average of 12mph over 5.5 hours. I was doing it to raise money for Shelter – my total now stands at £360.14. Many thanks to all those who sponsored me!

Below is a map of the route.

Highlights of the ride for me include cruising over Tower Bridge, and blasting around the pristine tarmac of a deserted Canary Wharf. This post on the Guardian’s bike blog sums up the pleasure to be had from the quieter sections of the ride neatly. It was a brilliant (if tiring) experience, and I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again.

Winter fieldwork at Moor House

Working on an upland peat bog in the North Pennines comes with its own set of challenges, from dense clouds of midges in summer to freezing conditions in winter. Below are some photos from my fieldsite at Moor House, taken in February. The snow was so deep that driving into the fieldsite was impossible, but we enjoyed the walk.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Embedded below is a map, showing the approximate location of the field site where I do most of my work. More about Moor House to follow!