A night-time ride around London

At 6:30am on 20th June, I pedalled into a car park at Crystal Palace, a huge grin on my face. I’d just completed a night-time ride around the capital, passing by all the landmarks, and I was smiling in the knowledge that the last grind of a hill was over and that a bacon roll was imminent. Since setting off a 11:50pm, I’d cycled 68.5 miles at a stately average of 12mph over 5.5 hours. I was doing it to raise money for Shelter – my total now stands at £360.14. Many thanks to all those who sponsored me!

Below is a map of the route.

Highlights of the ride for me include cruising over Tower Bridge, and blasting around the pristine tarmac of a deserted Canary Wharf. This post on the Guardian’s bike blog sums up the pleasure to be had from the quieter sections of the ride neatly. It was a brilliant (if tiring) experience, and I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again.