Peatlands are carbon cycling hotspots

Last week I gave a talk at the British Ecological Society’s Annual Meeting in Sheffield – you’ll find it embedded below. If you view the talk on SlideShare, you’ll be able to see notes for each of the slides (under speaker’s notes). The story is similar to the previous talks that I’ve uploaded, but I’ve included a bit more information about the microbial communities in this one, along with some preliminary greenhouse gas emission data.

The quality of the talks and thematic sessions at the BES meeting was generally very high – I’m very much looking forward to attending next year’s.

PhD Introduction: a presentation

Below is a presentation I gave seven months into my PhD project, in a Lancaster University seminar. It provides a basic outline of my project, including an introduction to the fieldsite and methodology. Although a little dated now (highly relevant eight months ago!) I’ve posted it here because it’s still a useful overview and gives a sense of continuity.